Luísa Knebel

Luísa Knebel Lawyer luisa.knebel@gbalaw.com.br Education Bachelor's Degree in Law from Pontifical Catholic University of [...]

2019-03-11T13:00:51-03:00February, 2019|

Arthur Lardosa

Arthur Lardosa Lawyer arthur.lardosa@gbalaw.com.br Education Bachelor’s Degree in law from Fundação Getúlio Vargas – [...]

2019-02-21T22:05:32-03:00December, 2018|

Liz Guidini

Liz Guidini Lawyer liz.guidini@gbalaw.com.br Formação Postgraduate student in Infrastructure Law and Regulation at Fundação [...]

2018-12-28T06:37:16-02:00December, 2018|

Renato Toledo

Renato Toledo Lawyer renato.toledo@gbalaw.com.br Education Master Degree candidate in Public Law in the Rio [...]

2018-12-28T06:33:46-02:00December, 2018|

Mateus Dias

Mateus Dias Lawyer mateus.dias@gbalaw.com.br Education Extension Course in Public Procedures and Administrative Contracts at [...]

2019-02-21T22:22:10-03:00December, 2018|

Filipe Seixo

Filipe Seixo Lawyer filipe.seixo@gbalaw.com.br Education Master of Laws (LL.M) in Litigation at Fundação Getúlio [...]

2019-02-21T22:09:40-03:00December, 2018|

Francisco Defanti

Francisco Defanti Lawyer francisco.defanti@gbalaw.com.br Education Master’s Degree in Regulation from Fundação Getúlio Vargas – [...]

2018-12-28T06:12:56-02:00December, 2018|

Amanda Pessanha

Amanda Pessanha Lawyer amanda.pessanha@gbalaw.com.br Education LL.M. in Civil Procedure Law at the Pontifical Catholic [...]

2018-12-28T06:10:14-02:00December, 2018|

Carolina Macedo

Carolina Macedo Partner carolina.macedo@gbalaw.com.br Education Training in Corporate Mediation at the Brazilian Center of [...]

2018-12-28T06:07:18-02:00December, 2018|
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